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Samenvatting van initiatief

TIMELY is a platform that provides AI-powered dashboards and decision support tools assisting patients and clinicians to personalize healthcare based on risk evaluation, outcome prediction and target interventions. TIMELY provides patient-centered eHealth tools (apps, IoT medical devices, communication), for patient empowerment and guidance during behavioral change interventions and healthy living, to manage their condition. In any case, the TIMELY eHealth platform will be administered by a case manager supported by Artificial Intelligence, that will constantly monitor and evaluate risks and will indicate any deviation from defined therapy goals or unfavorable changes. The system will (upon demand or setting) inform patients on their overall condition and, depending on detected conditions, information on good therapy attendance (positive enhancement) or missed targets. If indicated, TIMELY can be used to coordinate a multidisciplinary care team consisting of cardiologists, therapists, dieticians, psychologists etc., who may initiate necessary assessments (for instance, by sending out integrated medical devices such as ECG patches) or interventions.
The platform will be developed together with the most vulnerable and sensitive (in terms of technical assistance) group of CAD patients, i.e. those at higher risk due to ageing and comorbidities in the setting of inpatient cardiac rehabilitation. Behavioral scientists and medical/clinical psychologists will lead this task in an open innovation, living lab condition.

Doelgroep van initiatief


Doel van initiatief

Het verbeteren van prognose en het verlagen van risico op mortaliteit door verbetering van leefstijl gedrag bij mensen met hart- en vaatziekten.

Waar is het initiatief op gebaseerd?

Coronary artery disease (CAD) remains the leading cause of disease burden globally. Since lifestyle changes are key in secondary prevention of CAD, a patient-centered approach aiming to support patient’s self-care and to induce targeted intervention measures early upon detected risk would result in improved quality of life and individual health outcomes.

Eindproduct van initiatief

Het eindproduct zal een wetenschappelijk geevalueerde, gepersonaliseerde leefstijl interventie zijn


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